At the center of CO.STARTERS are passionate individuals with a big vision. We are here to guide, equip, support, connect, and celebrate the work of the wider network.

Enoch Elwell
Enoch ElwellDirector of Vision (CEO)
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Jose Alfaro
Jose AlfaroDirector of Growth (COO)
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Rebekah Marr
Rebekah MarrDirector of Program Development
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Tianna Weaver
Tianna WeaverDirector of Creative Experience
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Jonathan Bragdon
Jonathan Bragdon Growth and Operations Strategist
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Molly King
Molly KingCommunity Success Manager
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Farid Kheloco
Farid KhelocoCommunity Growth Manager
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Carrie Lawson
Carrie Lawson Marketing and Impact Manager
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Grace Newsome
Grace NewsomeDesigner and Creative Specialist
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Abi Ogle
Abi OgleImpact Associate
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David Kraus
David KrausProgram Development Associate
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John Popham
John Popham Marketing Specialist
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Regina Rodríguez-Martin
Regina Rodríguez-MartinExecutive Wrangler
Richard Chadderton
Richard ChaddertonDirector of Australasia Operations
Krista Covey
Krista Covey Network Partnerships Ambassador
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Sammy Ortiz
Sammy OrtizYouth and Hispanic Programs Ambassador

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Dominik A’rdis
Director of Programs at Domi Station // Tallahassee, FL

Hal Bowling
Founder of Launch Chattanooga // Chattanooga, TN

Richard Chadderton
Founder of Concept Cube // Nelson, NZ

James Chapman
Founder of James Chapman Speaks // Detroit, MI

Natasha Barnes Delleca
Co-Founder of EPIC Westport // Westport, NZ

Will Joseph
President, Good Startups // Chattanooga, TN

Wes Leake
Chief People Builder at Business Blessings // Brisbane, Australia

Stu Minshew
Director of Operations at The Chalmers Center // Chattanooga, TN

David Nuttall
Founder of Artimaps // Huntsville, AL

Sabrina Nagel
Dot Connector for Entrepreneurship and Student Experience at Auckland University of Technology  // Auckland, NZ

Sammy Ortiz
Founder of Young Entrepreneurial Students (Y.E.S.) // Dade City, FL

Scott Pierce
Founding Partner of Two Ravens // Birmingham, AL

Carlos Sanchez
Director, Latino Business and Economic Development Center at Ferris State University // Big Rapids, MI

Cecilia Wessinger
Community & Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Builder  // Tulsa, OK

Allison Wolfe
Director of Partnerships at TN Driving Innovation // Chattanooga, TN

Allen Woods
Founding Partner, Chief Vision Caster & Branding Gladiator at Mortar // Cincinnati, OH