Week 4

Starting Small, Distribution, Revenue, Typical Sale & Price

CO.STARTERS Resources/Forms

Distribution Process

Starting Small

Launch Early, Launch Simple and Test
In this Wall Street Journal article, Kathryn Minshew shares how starting small and getting customer feedback early and often led to success.

Perfection By Subtraction – the Minimum Feature Set
Steve Blank defends the importance of starting with the minimum number of features needed for customer feedback.

Sizing Up the Market

To help business owners access government data on prospective customer demographics and the number of customers fitting your description out there, the Small Business Administration makes links to the different databases available with a short explanation of each.

Business Research Launch Pad
Jim Vileta’s Business Research Launch Pad brings together the major resources for business research in one place and organizes them for ease of access.


With so many people buying through Amazon, you may want to consider using Amazon as your “middleman.”

Are you selling something handmade or vintage? Etsy may be a great platform for you.


Discussion of the Week: How to Set a Price for Your Product or Service
The Accelerators, a group of start-up mentors that contribute to the Wall Street Journal, provide thirteen article, each with a different perspective, on setting prices.