Bringing CO.STARTERS to Your Community

CO.STARTERS is a platform to help communities grow local startups and build a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. Drawing on our work with communities worldwide, CO.STARTERS offers a self-sustaining program with a short implementation timeline and extensive support resources to get something started now in your community.

Picture of costarters gear. Pencils and shirts.

The Launch Process


“I could not have imagined a more beneficial and seamless fit with our mission of creative industries support than the CO.STARTERS curriculum. It feels tailor-made for our constituents.”
Buddy Palmer, Create Birmingham
Bringing CO.STARTERS to La Crosse has brought new energy and excitement to the startup ecosystem in our community and it has allowed a bunch of entrepreneurs to gain access to cutting-edge effective material in a universally understandable format.
Andrew Londre, CouleeCO