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A Community of Starters

CO.STARTERS is building a network of entrepreneurial support throughout communities across the globe.

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Where You’ll Find Us

We work with a diverse group of ecosystem builders supporting a wide range of starters. Anywhere entrepreneurs need community, we have the right tools.

Main Street

Cities, towns, and rural areas across the globe working to grow new businesses and revitalize communities

Entrepreneur Centers

Incubators and accelerators, local and state entrepreneurial ecosystem networks, regional and federal agencies—places where founders seek mentoring and coaching

Creative Enterprises

Arts incubators, food incubators, maker spaces—wherever creative work is the seed or structure for a new business

Local Libraries

Where innovation includes connecting patrons to the tools and community needed to create a company

Coworking Spaces

Where services go beyond providing work space to helping members transform their work into a company

Education Centers

From schools, universities, and community colleges to vocational, veterans, and reentry programs—where curriculum meets community

Meet Our Starters

We are inspired every day by the stories of the thousands of entrepreneurs supported by our CO.STARTERS members.

Tell Us Your Story

Bringing CO.STARTERS to La Crosse has brought new energy and excitement to the startup ecosystem in our community and it has allowed a bunch of entrepreneurs to gain access to cutting-edge effective material in a universally understandable format.

Andrew Londre, CooleeCO // La Crosse, Wisconsin

I could not have imagined a more beneficial and seamless fit with our mission of creative industries support than the CO.STARTERS curriculum. It feels tailor-made for our constituents.

Buddy Palmer, Create Birmingham

CO.STARTERS brings, not only a practical, lean startup curriculum, in plain English, but a true community development vehicle that brings together the whole help aspiring entrepreneurs validate their ideas and get started.

Antonio Montoya, Rocket Hatch

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