A path for every starter.

From our grassroots beginnings, all of our activities focus on finding the potential within people and places that is unlocked when you create human connections and build trust.


To equip individuals and communities to thrive through entrepreneurship.

We believe that people are what really matter, more than the ideas they bring. Regardless of what stage a starter is at in launching a business, CO.STARTERS will help them find the best way to pursue their dream.
We believe that individuals thrive in the context of community. CO.STARTERS is about bringing people together to learn from one another in order to create a strong network of support.
We believe that by making concepts and language easy to understand, we will help people focus on practical next steps, moving them quickly toward their goals.

Unconventional starters.

Thousands of entrepreneurs have turned their dreams into reality through the programs and support provided by our member communities around the globe..

In 2018, graduates of the CO.STARTERS Core program reported…

said they knew what to do next with their venture
are confident in how to make a venture work
feel connected and supported by their community

Grassroots beginnings.

What began as a transformation story on Main Street has grown from program, to a company, to a global network with a growing list of offerings.

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Uncommon community.

Our shared values as a team, as a network, and as individuals are the unifying thread that keeps us moving in the same direction. 

We are committed to finding the best way forward.
We work to make the complex accessible to all.
We exemplify and encourage vulnerable growth.
We believe that together, we go farther.
We seek the greater good.
CO.STARTERS is helping immensely in building the community of entrepreneurs in Erie. The relationships that come out of this experience for each participant are very valuable, from their peers in the cohort to the service providers and the subject matter experts that share with them each week.
Beth Zimmer, Erie, Pennsylvania
Bringing CO.STARTERS to La Crosse has brought new energy and excitement to the startup ecosystem in our community and it has allowed a bunch of entrepreneurs to gain access to cutting-edge effective material in a universally understandable format.
Andrew Londre, La Crosse, Wisconsin

CO.STARTERS has given us a platform for entrepreneurs to connect with one another, building community pride and resources for sustained growth.

Anna Bentson, Lynchburg, Virginia

I could not have imagined a more beneficial and seamless fit with our mission of creative industries support than the CO.STARTERS curriculum. It feels tailor-made for our constituents.

Buddy Palmer, Birmingham, Alabama
…the power of this growing global community…is a wonderful strength…
Margaret Aspin, Brisbane, Australia

CO.STARTERS brings, not only a practical, lean startup curriculum, in plain English, but a true community development vehicle that brings together the whole community…to help aspiring entrepreneurs validate their ideas and get started.

Antonio Montoya, Huntsville, Alabama

A passionate team.

Meet the people behind the company at the core of our support network.

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