CO.STARTERS helps communities build vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems by equipping them with the best tools and resources needed to support starters of all kinds. Building on our initial grassroots efforts with starters in Chattanooga, Tennessee, CO.STARTERS now has a global reach with thousands participating in our programs annually.


Invest in individuals.

We believe that people are what really matter, more than the ideas they bring. Regardless of what stage a starter is at in launching a business, CO.STARTERS will help them find the best way to pursue their dream.

Community first.

We believe that individuals thrive in the context of community. CO.STARTERS is about bringing people together to learn from one another in order to create a strong network of support for starters.

Keep it simple.

We believe that by making concepts and language easy to understand, we will help starters focus on the practical steps to launch, moving them quickly toward their goals.


To equip local leaders, problem solvers, and starters with the best tools and resources to accelerate culture and empower communities


To be the leader in creating and supporting thriving startup communities


To facilitate community through individual transformation



We seek the greater good.


We are committed to finding the best way forward.


We work to make the complex accessible to all.


We believe that together, we go farther.


We exhibit and encourage vulnerable growth.


Beginning in 2008 in Chattanooga, Tennessee as part of the CreateHere initiative, we recognized a growing need to provide business support to artists, creatives, and others who didn’t fit traditional models. In response, we adapted existing business planning resources to serve groups of people interested in launching or refining creative businesses. While providing this kind of business support was incredibly valuable, the connection and community resulting from the program was often the most beneficial aspect. Over the first four years, over 1,000 people went through the program. The work in Chattanooga then grew to support not only small local businesses, but also high-growth startups.

CO.STARTERS launched nationally in 2013, packaging the best of our learnings from years of small business support and melding it with the most effective high-growth startup methods used in business development today. CO.STARTERS currently serves communities all over the country and around the world, with thousands participating in the program annually.

Meet the CO.STARTERS Team

Enoch Elwell
Enoch ElwellDirector of Vision (CEO)
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Jose Alfaro
Jose AlfaroDirector of Growth (COO)
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Rebekah Marr
Rebekah MarrDirector of Program Development
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Tianna Weaver
Tianna WeaverDirector of Creative Experience
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Jonathan Bragdon
Jonathan Bragdon Growth and Operations Strategist
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Molly King
Molly KingCommunity Success Manager
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David Hirsch
David HirschCommunity Engagement Coordinator
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Farid Kheloco
Farid KhelocoDigital Engagement Coordinator
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Carrie Lawson
Carrie Lawson Operations and Impact Manager
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Grace Newsome
Grace NewsomeDesigner and Creative Specialist
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Christy Barton
Christy Barton Community Relationship Coordinator
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Abi Ogle
Abi Ogle Operations Assistant
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David Kraus
David KrausProgram Development Assistant
Richard Chadderton
Richard ChaddertonDirector of Australasia Operations


Krista Covey
Krista Covey Network Partnerships Ambassador
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Sammy Ortiz
Sammy OrtizYouth and Hispanic Programs Ambassador

Interested in joining our team?

Current Opportunities


Dominik A’rdis
Director of Programs at Domi Station // Tallahassee, FL

Hal Bowling
Founder of Launch Chattanooga // Chattanooga, TN

Richard Chadderton
Founder of Concept Cube // Nelson, NZ

James Chapman
Founder of James Chapman Speaks // Detroit, MI

Natasha Barnes Delleca
Co-Founder of EPIC Westport // Westport, NZ

Will Joseph
President, Good Startups // Chattanooga, TN

Wes Leake
Chief People Builder at Business Blessings // Brisbane, Australia

Stu Minshew
Director of Operations at The Chalmers Center // Chattanooga, TN

David Nuttall
Founder of Artimaps // Huntsville, AL

Sabrina Nagel
Dot Connector for Entrepreneurship and Student Experience at Auckland University of Technology  // Auckland, NZ

Sammy Ortiz
Founder of Young Entrepreneurial Students (Y.E.S.) // Dade City, FL

Scott Pierce
Founding Partner of Two Ravens // Birmingham, AL

Carlos Sanchez
Director, Latino Business and Economic Development Center at Ferris State University // Big Rapids, MI

Cecilia Wessinger
Community & Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Builder  // Tulsa, OK

Allison Wolfe
Director of Partnerships at TN Driving Innovation // Chattanooga, TN

Allen Woods
Founding Partner, Chief Vision Caster & Branding Gladiator at Mortar // Cincinnati, OH

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