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The Starting Point for a Startup Community

CO.STARTERS helps communities build vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems by equipping them with the best tools and resources needed to support starters of all kinds.


Stages of Community Growth

We help grassroots leaders find the best ways to support their starters and build thriving communities.

Every community—just like each entrepreneur—is unique. What is needed to create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem is particular to circumstances and will likely change over time as the ecosystem grows and matures.

Our goal is to ensure every community has a thriving ecosystem of supports tailored to its unique needs, and as a result, helps entrepreneurs succeed.


Find the next step

We want to connect you to the best resources in order to get something started now in your community. In addition to curating tools from some of the most innovative leaders in the nation, we create our own programs and tools to address gaps in entrepreneurial ecosystems and help communities better support their entrepreneurs.

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Just like an architectural model for a building can help get an idea out of the designer’s head into a form that can be shared and examined, a business model is a way of showing the thinking behind why and how a business will work.

CO.STARTERS uses a version of the “Business Model Canvas” developed by Alexander Osterwalder to help participants develop workable business models. This intuitive visual map helps participants understand, test, and refine their ideas.

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